About Us

Even people who aren’t residents of New York City have probably heard of the historic Flatiron Building that sits on the corner of 5th Avenue and East 22nd Street. This landmark, designed by Daniel Burnham, was built in 1902, before many of the looming skyscrapers that would be built in later years. At the time, its 22-story frame, standing 305 feet high, made it one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan. While one indeed of the most recognizable and legendary buildings in New York, the Flatiron is just one of many iconic buildings that line the streets of New York City.

For those who appreciate fine architecture, visiting NYC is a dream. From the sleek, modern One World Trade Center to the regal Metropolitan Museum of Art to the unique cast-iron construction at 506 Canal Street, there are so many beautiful and architecturally significant buildings around every Manhattan corner. Cast Iron NYC is dedicated to telling the history of New York’s buildings, touting the architecture of our beloved city, and preserving buildings doomed for demolition.